Welcome to ScottLumin

      We, Scott Lumin, the ultimate energy & water solution, is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company based in the United Kingdom with its numerous branches stretched across various countries. We are making our presence in India by launching our first subsidiary company Scott Lumin Pvt.Ltd in Kerala.

Scott Lumin aims to promote advanced energy solutions which are indeed the need of the hour. Apparently, the world is facing the biggest challenge the humanity has ever witnessed, lack of clean and sustainable energy & healthy water. The existing sources have been draining out fast!!! In spite of having the world of advanced technology and information revolution access to ‘clean energy and healthy water’ is still remains a challenge. This context makes a reliable energy solution inevitable and that is what Scott Lumin promises-“a better world with sustainable energy & healthy water”.

The world is thinking about the renewable energy and healthy water with zero pollution and the focus is on the sources and methods to ease the access toward these promising technologies. And the Scott Lumin was born from this thought and it promises perfect solutions to have the luxury of clean water and sustainable solutions for a better life.

We provide a wide range of water treatment plants, demineralization plants, effluent treatment plants, reverse osmosis plant, water softener systems in the city. Our products and services are offered to the customers within the stipulated time frame. These products and services are offered to the customers at industry leading price range.

Scott Lumin’s products and services are designed primarily to suit your comfortable levels with the state of art technologies. It promises to explore the unlimited scopes of energy & water and create a better liveable world.

Proud to be a BNI Member